Thursday, January 29, 2015

Changelings, at the Vortex

Changelings is a story about the Powers family, who have been cursed with having their children stolen by a fairy known as the Wicked Child. Megan Powers is determined to marry, but her brother Luther is worried that any children she has will be snatched away. Fortunately, Megan's fiance is a magician, and the trio set off to lift the curse, with the usual miscommunication and hidden agendas that can make adventure stories so delightful.

The entire cast gives earnest and dynamic performances. Their conviction while portraying otherworldly experiences really sells the show. The trio of fairy minions deserves a shout-out, for making strange, shape-changing creatures endearing and ultimately human.

The most breathtaking element of the show is the movement. Composed of Melissa Trevino, Winnie Hsia, Jonathan Itchon, and Joanna Wright, these ensemble performers perform mind-boggling balance tricks that really create the atmosphere and space of the fairly land.

The show makes the most out of a minimal set, and is able to ingeniously transform the space from the familiar Austin, TX, to the magical fairy land. The costuming for the fairies is particularly delightful and well-constructed, thanks to the talents of Jennifer Rose Davis.

To be warned, this show does not have a traditionally happy ending. In the vein of "Into the Woods," some of the characters end happily and some don't, showing that sometimes what you think you want isn't really all that great and that you should always be careful what you wish for. But if you're yearning for a little magic, humor, virtue, heroes, redemption, dragons, and some really tight fights, definitely come see this show.

Venue: The Vortex, off of Manor Rd.

Parking: Lot parking and some street parking

Food: The Vortex is the ideal show-seeing space, because they share their yard with the Butterfly Bar and Patrizi's, a pretty tasty little Italian food truck. Also check out the Changelings-inspired cocktail.

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